Frequently Asked Questions

  • What social media platforms should my business have presence on?
    Being present where your customers are is one of the main thing you can do to increase the branding of your company. So being available in almost all the social platforms like instagram, linkedin and facebook is most.
  • What are the benefits of Digital Marketing?
    Benefits of digital marketing includes: • Maximizes global reach • Tracks and measures results • Improves conversion rate
  • What are keywords in marketing?
    A keyword in digital marketing is a particular word that describes a content of the web page. Keywords are planned shortcuts that sums up an entire page.
  • What does a digital marketer do?
    Digital marketing is a vague term that includes developing, implementing, and managing marketing campaign that promotes a company and its products or services. Hence a digital marketer works on developing strategies that eventually increases the sales of the organization.
  • What is digital marketing?
    A whole bunch of marketing efforts that uses an electronic device or the internet. It mainly focus on search engine, social media, website and apps to connect with the real customer online.
  • What should Social Media Manager Know?
    Social media manager should be well known about all the social media. They should be perfect in planning and scheduling posts, events, according to the customers need.
  • What is Social Media Management?
    Social media management gives services for all types of business. We also can say that the process of creating posts, scheduling events, posting a post containing great content and engaging with other’s contents also on the platform like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc. is Social Media Management.
  • What exactly is graphic design?
    Graphic Design is a visual concept made by using computer or hand, to communicate the idea that inspires consumers. Graphic designer develops layouts and designs for brochure, outlet, magazines, advertisement e.t.c.
  • Why choose Traverse Digital World?
    Traverse Digital World creates designs that meet all the criteria of good websites: focused to target market customers, clear navigation, secure, simple but innovative components that are user and search engine friendly. After these foundations have been laid, we provide the finishing touches to make it pleasing to the eye. We grab the vision of our clients and deliver them through our designs. This fact has propelled us as one of the best Web Designing agencies in Nepal.
  • Do you do cross platform mobile development?
    We have an excellent team capable of developing on two of the major mobile operating systems (Apple and Android Platforms). We are also able to cross develop for desktop as per the clients requirement.
  • Will I be able to make changes to the site after it is completed?
    Yes. We use content management system which allows anyone with moderate computer skills to make changes to their own website. If you don’t have time or you need more complex changes, we always remain available to make changes for you.
  • How long does it take to build a website?
    The content collection phase consumes the most time, it should take 3-6 weeks to design and build a general, small scale website of 8-10 pages.
  • Why do I need SEO?
    SEO is all about improving your Google Ranking and making it “Google-Friendly”. What does it exactly mean? Well, SEO is all about getting traffic from the search results on search engines. Search engines take into account an enormous list of features within every website. Those characteristics work together in making the user experience better. After the complex algorithm analyzes those factors, a Page Rank is determined and this Page Rank will establish where your website will fall on a search engine results page.
  • How will I know SEO's working?
    Google Analytics provides us with a remarkable platform for proving results. Our clients will see us work on a lot of metrics that we benchmark, examine and inspect with abundant amount of time for the queries. It is essential to understand that changes wont show results right away. Elements like link building, creating relationships takes time. Since we know that good things come to those who wait, patience and compliance keeps expectation and reality aligned.
  • Any difference between Regular Marketing and Digital Marketing?
    Digital marketing is related to online or web-based like PPC, SEO, web design,etc whereas regular marketing is still seen as those offline marketing activities like print, direct mail, radio, tv, etc.